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Dog groomers are a very important part of any wedding, no matter the size. If you are planning a large wedding or just starting to organize one, then it is important to ensure that all the groomers and their dogs are on hand for each event. Here are some reasons why.
First, it makes sense to have groomers who are able to get to all the events and do the work in order to keep costs down. Often there will be more than one groomer on each side of the aisle, which means that if there are two groomers in the same town, they'll be asked to do different jobs and charge different rates. On the other hand, two groomers in separate towns can choose to split the work up amongst themselves, bringing down costs.
This kind of specialization means that each groomer needs to bring unique skills to the job. Perhaps they would have been good at doing the cleaning and dressing up for the groom, but not the hair-brushing or the dog grooming. That's something the other groomer can't handle.
Secondly, the dog groomers have to be available for the many special occasions that come up. For example, at the wedding you may need a groomer to help out with the on-site clean up, and the wedding reception is going to be a busy time for the groomer and their dog. Likewise, at the dog park there will likely be more than one groomer, so they have to be available. When you are planning a wedding, the groomer may not have anything scheduled when it comes to dog grooming.
Most groomers work full time, sometimes on weekends, so they can't make it every day, as they would if they were working on the other side of the country. Yet there will be other times where the groomer won't be able to do their own pet grooming. It can cause them to miss an event they had planned, so it is important to be sure they are available when needed.
Another reason that it is good to have more than one dog groomer is the cost. The first time around, a groomer will likely only charge a small fee for the services. This often means that they aren't booking themselves for the whole event. If they are paying for the services and they have to drop out, they'll end up getting paid for nothing.
When a dog groomer is sharing the same space with another groomer, it can add a lot of expenses. For example, a groomer who is hiring a groomer for the wedding may be providing more than one dog groomer to one event. This means that they might be charging more per person or they may be charging the groomer for hiring both dog groomers.
This can also mean more overhead as well. A groomer might be using the same space for a wedding and another event. These extra costs could make it impossible for the second groomer to break even, or to break even with the first groomer's business overhead.
Then there is the matter of the pets themselves. The animal often has to be placed in a separate room, which means additional cost. Also, the pet doesn't have its own bathroom and grooming needs are rarely that urgent. A groomer is usually the last person to know when the animal needs a bath or a haircut, so that needs to be taken into account as well.
Groomers can also make up for the lost money by charging for services that they don't have to do. Sometimes, it's the groomer who covers the car keys for the groom or puts up the decorations, or charges the phone bill. It isn't that easy to do it yourself, and if you are charged for those things, you are losing money.
There are some ways that you can still keep your costs down without having to hire a dog groomer. If the groomer's pet insurance is cheaper than the rest of the bills, this can help you save on some of the dog grooming. money, if you plan to give your pet groomer's equipment and tools away as gifts, for example.
In summary, having a dog groomer at your wedding isn't always necessary, but when it is, make sure they are both on the same page with regards to pricing and dog grooming duties. and taking the time to make an appointment for the groomer to do their own dog grooming.
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